Saturday, March 10, 2007

It begins again

So again with the finding of a house I can deal with. I've found a charming little three bedroom two bath that will be turned into an even more charming two bedroom two bath. The price is right, the renovations are coming in well below the limit and dammit the old guy across the street has lived there 47 years so the neighborhood is even livable. In town no less.

After Sporty talked me out of reporting folks for Mortage Fraud and holding properties and dozen other illegal activities (the state of Georgia needs to be ashamed), it seems that things might finally be coming together.

The house isn't big, but it's got good bones. Okay, I've been reading a lot of Renovation and Design Magazines, so I've adopted a few terms. I'm going to gut most of the first floor, put in new floors, new kitchen, new drywall with mouldings, and if they're are a few pennies left over maybe a little bathroom reno and nice deck off the back.

In a shamelss plug I hope will earn me a free gift card, Ikea is about to be my new home away from home. They got everything!

I've been looking a searching for a minute and I have to feel it when I walk in. I have to be able to look at a spot, and envision the possibilities, to see the future just looking at it. The last one I was already placing furniture and picking paint. With this one I can see me whipping up something while a hottie sits and the new kitchen counter waiting for me to the start cooking with her.

At this point all the numbers line up, I just need the inspecitons and estimates to line up. Then it's on.

Bartender, a bit of the Cutty Sark.