Friday, July 8, 2016

This shouldn't be happening.

This is a political post. 

Alton Sterling And Philando Castile.

I shouldn't know these names. I shouldn't have to know about these names. These incidents should not have happened. This shouldn't be the America I live in. I am just so tired of this.

Will these names join the list of names where justice fails. We all know the drill: Death. Suspension of the officer. Blame the victim. No charges filed/No conviction. Repeat. Are we to believe that in every single instance, now numbering in the hundreds, this is always okay? It's like the prosecutors aren't even trying. 

Let's be clear here. Even those considered THUGS have rights. The victim having a police record does not justify a police shooting. And when did we reach the point where compliance gives the officer has the right to shoot?

I just... I tried to let my thoughts settle here, to figure out what to say. But I just can't. Not right now. 

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