Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary just might be the world's first real Super-villain

This is a political post. Nonetheless...a segue piece. 

I'm pro-Bernie but would vote Hillary as I am a one issue voter, and that issue is not opening the seventh seal and ushering in the apocalypse.
~ Ivan Hernandez 

President Obama is a family man with no scandals  who sounds like the former professor he is and looks like that background character in an action movie who looks middling, but you find out is a little tougher than he first appears a little later on. Even with both of his political hands tied behind his back in the form of a hostile Congress, he proved to be a very effective leader. I had hoped that the first woman president would be much like this; a savvy crusader that was calm in the midst of chaos and inspired you to be better for your country. Instead, we got a political version of Griselda Blanco.

I'm sorry Bernie Bros, and I voted for Bernie, but she got us. Now we have no choice. We HAVE to vote for her. That's right, HAVE TO. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts. The stakes are just a bit too high.

This is does not mean I agree with her tactics or that of the DNC, the bulk of which to me indicate a definite house cleaning is needed, not just the removal of the Debster. New leadership, new staff, new janitors. Everybody.  All this time pundits were talking about how the RNC was going to circumvent the will of the people to keep Trump out, and all the time the DNC was was doing all the real dirty work. Go figure. It's hard to be mad at them, when it turns out we are worse than them. But I digress...

First, to the Hillary supporters who want us to join up and close ranks, I'm going to ask you to be quiet right now, because trust me you are not helping. I've heard the arguments that she had more votes anyway so the shenanigans on the Debster's part don't really matter, and I find them flawed in their conception. Just like you can't use a word to define that word, you can't use the results of the rigged election process as proof of the result. And to the cynics no this isn't the result of SJW fanatics willing to corrupt democracy itself to get a woman to the top of ticket, because Hills has been putting this scheme together long before that movement started. I'm talking about back when she like to use the plural to describe her husband's presidency. (I bet it won't be "we" this time.) No, I need ya'll "Hill's Angel's" to back up. We former Bernie supporters just need a bit of space to process this.

Now, my people, aside from the idea that Jill Stein is a kook with her wishy washy vaccination ideas as well as polling in the teens this close to post time, and as revolutionary as the idea of a write in President might be, both qualify as a long shot options. Like lottery long shot. And while in a lot of instances it might be worth a shot even if it doesn't work, now is not the time to even try it. The price of failure is too high.

The Price? Well, let's get out our omni-political calculators. Ready? Let's start with the basics. A divided Democratic party and as little as 5% shift in some states means that Trump wins the White House. Double bonus, he could potentially be gifted with a fully cooperative Republican House and Senate because we newly minted high minded activists voted Green "just the punish the Democrats in general"'down the ticket for their transgressions. We so smart. 

So Trump's in. Now, given the aging process, and the nomination currently in limbo, the next President could get up to four Supreme Court choices, shaping American life and policy for the next three decades. Which means that Justice Chris Christie, Justice Omorosa Stallworth, Justice Sean Hannity and Justice Melania Trump isn't just potentially morally questionable slash fiction, but also a real possibility. Then, armed with a unassailable conservative majority, I can easily see a possible complete overturn of little things like, say, Roe v. Wade. Maybe a complete disassembly of the Civil Rights Act, the end of Affirmative Action, a repeal of Obamacare and the solidification of the increasingly large amounts of shadow contributions to political parties. And that's just domestic. On the international front, I think that our closest ally doesn't want to allow Trump into the country sounds peachy, his plan for the unwinding of NATO just as Russia surges seems brilliant, I can already see troops overseas somewhere because who doesn't love a war and do we even have to mention the Wall?

And that's just the beginning.

Think of this as your moment of blackness. Much like black people have in most elections, the candidates aren't really what you were hoping for (the Obama Presidency being an exception.) So you go down to the polls and vote for the one who will do the least damage.

For you, that person is Hillary Clinton. And now your moment of blackness is over. And no, this does not grant you any n-word privileges.

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