Friday, January 1, 2016

What I learned in 2015

Each year, instead of resolutions, I take a few moments to sit down and reflect on the lessons I've learned for that year. And I make an impassioned speech for those who have deigned to read this to go out and start living. Well, it's that time again. I know that life just happens and so we say next week, or next month or next year, or when we get some time, we'll start on the new us. But you make time for important things. So, aren't YOU important? Why not make time for you. It need not be a new overwhelming commitment, but fifteen minutes at the end of the day. An hour a week. A few hours on a Saturday. For you.

Last year, I asked you do something. Anything. To go forth and live. This year I quit a job that was eating at my soul. I got a Fibit and now keep careful track of my step count. I started yet another book, but this time I have deadline because I have to give it to someone, so I'm more motivated. I started making music on my computer. I changed my diet. I'm going to start painting this year and have already got the canvas. Small steps. And if I can do it then you can too. Start with a small thing and then keep it going.

Remember this:  You were put on this Earth to do more than work and pay bills. All I'm asking you to do is something, anything, and make it a little different to add some color to what can quickly become a routine of wake-up, go to work, come home, eat, TV and bed, repeat. Our comfort zones have gotten too comfortable. And now, this lovely artificial milestone that resets the clock, is the time because yesterday is over and today we can still squeeze it in. And once you get started, maybe you'll see the world from a new angle, which isn't always a bad thing. Maybe the act of doing will get you started on the path to where you really want to be. So, go the arts and crafts store and see what they got. Take a ball room dance class. A comedy class. Go for a hike. Read a book you normally wouldn't. Start a business on the side. Write a song. Create your own Youtube channel. Learn to cook a new food. Join a league. Learn to knit. Or if all that is too much, then twice a week just walk to the end of your street. 

"It won't be easy. Change never is. And what you choose might not even be worth it. But it will be something, and if you start with something, then getting your thing just becomes a matter of redirecting your focus."
~ Me

If you got what you wanted, but it's not what you thought it was, then keep it moving and get something else.

Learn from your successes as well as your failures.

The value of a home cooked meal can't be measured.

Hard work only counts as hard work. But still work hard.

Sugar is the devil.

Sometimes the best thing is just your imagination.

Every pain does not mean you're going to die.

Love endures.

Naps. How did I not like these as a child.

Work on a personal project everyday. Everyday.

Take the leap if it feels right. Even if it fails, don't be afraid to take the next one.

Pay attention to your gut reactions. You know you better than you think. Listen to you.

Bacon might be the perfect food.

There is no morally superior argument for selfishness. 

Appreciate your people. Be they family or friends, take the time with them. Support and care for them. We are all temporary.

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