Saturday, January 2, 2016

Oh them Holidays

Ramblings Post #308
When my defacto niece goes back to NYC, she's gonna need a vacation from her vacation. The hanging out all night to the wee hours, the sleeping all day, the constant imbibing. Sure it was fun when I did all that X number of years ago, but it can't still be fun today? Didn't they learn from our mistakes? Oh, right we don't consider those mistakes, more along the lines of a good time with friends. Right. Right. Let me get back to my old folks stuff. Sorry to bother ya'll. 

Back from the wilds of Cackalack, and boy am I old.

I have cousins that I grew up with who have children who have graduated from college. From college! And now those kids are asking to come live with me. Which is understandable as I live in Atlanta and have a house with spare bedrooms and they live in the aforementioned wilds of etc and so on. With their parents. So I feel for them, I really do. But I like my me time, my private hours. Drinking from the big glass, shoes off, video game blaring. Might even watch one of them R-rated movies. So I'm hesitant. No, that putting it wrong. I just don't want to do it. But it's family, and in my family you're not really allowed to be that much of an ass without you feuding with them. It didn't help that my cousin, the girl's mother, was jokingly trying to get me to hook her up with a Sugardaddy in the form of one of my middle aged friends. I was not amused.

While my tip end of the family lives in a more traditional nuclear family mode, that side of us is practically communal living. Because they all live relatively close, and all the adults are working the hours they can get which are kinda funny, the kids have to get in where they fit in, but everyone in the house/neighborhood is related to them some kinda way. If they've got diverse after school activities  - science club, social club, statistics for fun and profit - and your parents happen to work nights, you might sleep at your aunt's house two nights a week, another cousin's house three other nights and your parents house just on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It sounds chaotic, but if that's what you're used to, what are you gonna do?

So, back to the question before me. Let's do the math. I'm guessing she'll expect free rent, free food, and access to an actual night life? I know it's what I'd be asking for if I were in my twenties trying to figure out where I was headed. And in "Hotlanta" too? I'm fairly certain that the youth, as the youth tend to do, has designs of showing up and setting up shop for the long haul, perhaps even looking for her new "roommate" to dish out a few bucks from time to time, disappear when she 'needs some space' and to not rat-out her occasional very late night/all night out to her mother.

Just writing that makes me feel uncomfortable. Imagine if it happened. 

I told her I would think about letting her stay for job interview trips, which felt like a smart compromise. Maybe kinda. I just finally got a little money, maybe if I agreed to put her up in a hotel room for a day or two instead. I'm too young for this shit.

Barkeep. I need something nice and mellow. That will make me forget I was ever asked this question.

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