Saturday, March 15, 2014

Truly Living

Ramblings Post #258
There are hard questions in life. Should I stand here and let her go or chase after her? Do I take a chance and jump? Should I put ketchup on my hotdog and damn Chicago? Does the toilet paper hang over the top or from the bottom? You know, tough questions. And sometimes we get an answer. Not because we thought hard about it or weighed all the factors to reach a reasonable solution, but because we're so shocked the question answered itself. Which is why we need to learn to step up, even if we're wrong. And for the record, toilet paper hangs over the top.

I was asked the question recently : Do you know how to truly live? I answered with the legal professional staple: Depends. And by that I meant that the asker of the question has to define what is truly living, from their viewpoint.

Is living a constant seat of pants adventure, a being only in the now experience devoid limitations and fears created by past failure and to whom the of the ambiguity of  future consequence is but delicious
possibility, filled with the highs and lows that come from happy accidents, fortunate mistakes, or even terrible decisions and trusting that what comes as an undeniable inevitable?

Or is living a meticulous attention to detail, a constant drive for betterment and self improvement, an
existence checking off the boxes of an per-ordained existence structured by societal ideals mixed with
expectations created by loving family, faithful friends and seductive commercial marketing?

Because most of us live neither. (Although there are some single women I know whom I had in mind when I made up second group.) To some it is going to be caring for family, raising good kids, being a good neighbor. For others it will turn out to be seeing the sunset off the coast of Morocco, a wine tasting in Rome and swimming with the dolphins. And some will locate it chasing their dreams until their souls bleed to exclusion of all else, leaving their mark on the world, being remembered. For most however, it will be a mix of all of this because most of us aren't one-dimensional. We'll want the school recitals and the surfboard lessons, meticulous in this, carefree in that.

Sadly, although many are loathe to admit it, there is no blueprint to a "correct" way of living, one universally recognized as the one path. Many will profess to be able to sell it to you, but I suggest you keep your receipt. Some will find it in religion. Others find it in sport. Still others find it at the bottom of a empty glass. Well, maybe not find it, but I'm fairly certain they feel if the keep looking it will be there one day. No, we have to remember that the concept of "living truly" is what WE make it.

Living is personal. So "truly living" is one of the most personal things you can do.

Barkeep. I swear the answer to life is the bottom of the next glass. Well, maybe not life, but this week for sure. But note, if I do find it at the bottom of this first one, I'll need to check a few more just make to sure.

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