Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Fast Movie Pitch

Ramblings Post #257
Thank you for seeing me, I know I only have five minutes but I think you're gonna see that this idea is a blockbuster. Or an Oscar winner. Or will at least let you complete a look see agreement to get you out of a contract! It's got everything, love, action, salamanders, cowboys, space pirates, and a forty piece jazz band playing the Star Spangled Banner underwater! What? Leave it on the table and you'll get to it? Sure, my card is attached! We'll do lunch! Call me. 

Every now and then I get a movie idea. Something mildly topical, sometimes just stupid, but it's always something I have to commit to a medium (i.e., write down) just to get it out of my head. Otherwise it will rattle around in there, as I nit-pick at it trying to improve on it but never doing anything about it. Not remake ideas, which I'm still going to post, or ideas about how to improve something, but original ideas that just coalesce full blown in my head. So, the ones I don't think I'll ever make (because once I get some money, I will be shooting some movies, believe that) I'm going to start putting up. Ideas, treatments,  outlines, or whatever if you will. Not that anyone will ever see them. Maybe.

Note: I wrote this like last summer, so some of it might not be as ground breaking as first envisioned. 

Story: It's the biggest college football game of the year, with the two biggest rivals facing each other to close out their season, both ranked #1 and #2. It's the lead up week and we see the media frenzy.

The Punch: The head coaches are childhood friends, long time rivals, are gay and in love with each other. One's wife has died, the other wife knows but loves him anyway (older generation thing). The two coaches are tired of living a lie, first plan to test the waters, get a middling approval of sorts privately and then retire quietly, together. 

Tension: One of them has cold feet, and while their coaching staffs and others are accepting a couple of boosters get wind of it and are sure that not only will there will be backlash, they don't want to lose their coach, a great new recruit draw. A player admits to one of the coaches that he's gay and the coach is conflicted with counseling him to stay in the closet so as to not affect his NFL stock while he is himself contemplating coming out. The two coaches decide to come out together after the game...on the field during the press rush.

Resolution: The coaches get separated on the field, but come out together as a couple during the press conference. There is some backlash, one coach loses his job, the other the school stands behind. They move in together and it ends with the fired coach being offered an analyst position on a major network...

At this point maybe lose the gay NFL player angle as tension, as it's happening in real life. Not really a football movie, there is very little action, more a drama played out with football as the backdrop. I thought it could be a touching story, kind of Oscar bait if you get the right actors for the leads. I mean they made 2012. They made it.   

Barkeep. Let me a get a tall Stoli with a dash of soda and lime. Then get me a phone.

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