Tuesday, September 10, 2013

They Need to Be Ashamed of Themselves

Ramblings Post #237
Corporations, and the internet, are stealing my childhood. It's just a matter time before we see Dudley Do-Right in a "Come to Canada" promotion and Shaggy from Scooby Doo promoting a drug rehab center. It's bad enough they're using songs I used to jam to sell Eggo waffles. And yes, I'm not ashamed to say that for a minute, I used to kick that MC Hammer. Brother could dance. I used to do the dance for one his videos as my morning workout.

I turned on my TV and saw the ad for the new hamburger from Burger King: The French Fry Burger. In the ad, a little girl tells her mom at the end that "they stole my idea!"

This is Burger King's ad from their website

No little girl. Burger King stole MY idea.

I've been putting French fries on my hamburger for over thirty years. There are people from college that I might see once a year who remember that I put fries on my burger. I chose my burger places, limited that they are, by how the fries are, because I don't like to put bad fries on my hamburger. On the rare occasions I eat a Whopper, I actually drive across the street to Krystal's to get the fries because they're better over there. That and for some reason the 24-hour BK stops serving milkshakes after 10pm.  

And they're doing it wrong. Four fries? You're supposed to put a mound of fries on it, then press down a little. Further I see mayo and there's probably a pickle in there...ugh. Stole my idea AND messed it up. Ugh.

Okay, I'll admit I started doing it because I was copying my older brother originally. I was like five, he was eight, I thought he was cool. Well, he stopped, but I didn't. The burger I had last week had fries on it. The burger was from Wendy's, but I put fries on it.

Burger King might not want you to know that you can do that.

Barkeep. Something, well, potatoey....is that a word?

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