Monday, September 9, 2013

Are You Ready for some Football?

Ramblings Post #236
I like football. I used to play when I was younger : Pop Warner, School Yard, B-Team, JV and Varsity. Some politics and an untimely injury ended what dreams I had of playing college football, although I'm not sure if my heart would have been in it. When it us in the dirt I was a pretty fair quarterback, but when I got to pads they put me at defensive end. I eventually moved to offensive line. Where I would now be way too small. Size, strength, speed and wisdom is what you need to play. And, to quote 70s action star Lee Majors, I have the wisdom to realize I don't have the other three.

All summer long you tried to remember to figure out things to do on Sunday afternoons. You might watch a movie, or have a late brunch. Maybe even try a little gardening, do some laundry, or sit around eating a box cereal and playing Civilization V,  trying to figure out why your neighbor who claims to be your friend keeps trying to start coups in your allies. Wait, that last one might have been just me. But now, it's football and all is well with the world.

But then it arrives. You gather your things : chips, wings, steak subs, fries, beers, snacks. You get those things that need to be done finished, so as to remove distraction. You get the best spot on your couch, or get if you're lucky head down the stadium and let that breath, that one you've been holding since the start of pre-season, you let it go.

And what a first week it was. I'm trying my best not to jump to conclusions, but Buffalo slowing down the Patriots? So many games coming down to the last second, the last play. And for every bit of heroics, there were the blown coverages, the mistakes. Oh boy were there mistakes. You should have seen some these mistakes. Lavonte David of the Jets has the early lead for bonehead play of the week, with two games left to play, although I think he's going to be hard to top. The previous two front runners, Danny Trevathan of the Broncos, who started celebrating early after a clear pick six but dropped the ball at the one foot line instead, and Darius Reynaud of the Titans, who gave the gift of safety two seconds into the Pittsburgh game, at least didn't give the game away. The phrase I usually use with my Cowboys, "finding a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" comes to mind. 

And speaking of my Cowboys who chalked up the win against the Giants. I'm still disgusted with them, because the Giants had six turnovers, SIX, and yet the game was in contention up until the last few seconds. It should have been a blow out! At least Romo didn't try to jam it into Dez Bryant like he previously would have. If Dez is double covered, that means somebody has single coverage and Romo needs to find them. And for all the change of play calling hype, they still threw the ball a ridiculous amount of times. At least the mistakes were limited this game for my 'Boys.

Tonight, I'm watching the Eagles, and it's like they unleashed a army onto the field. I was a concerned at how the 'Boys would handle RGIII this season, but he looks rusty. Philly on the other hand looks like a crazed drunken Frankenstein with a chainsaw and howitzer! I need somebody to check the rule book, I'm not sure the Eagles are playing in the right weight class! Wow.

I need to get back to the game, so I'm going to wrap this up. 

Barkeep, some of that Doublewood. Here's to hoping somebody figures out how to stop this Eagles madness before it gets to Dallas.

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