Sunday, July 28, 2013

Notes from the Law Desert - Part 7

Notes from the Law Desert - Part 7
When you join one of the historically black fraternal organizations, the process is called "Crossing the Burning Sands." It's supposed to mean that your willingness to undertake this journey represents your commitment to the organization. In legal terms, your willingness gives them consent. Which means that being unable to leave the testing room for any reason does not qualify as false imprisonment, even though we are aware of the confinement, and usually object.

The details. That's where they get you.

Friday morning I had a horrible scare.

I sneezed.

I've been in that huge open room under test conditions. It gets cold and you're like right on top of each other with really no place to go.  And since my understanding is they don't even allow you to bring in tissue, if you have the sniffles or a runny nose you're in for a bit of hell. And, then you'd discover that taking an effective medicine - DayQuil, Robitussin, something - would make taking the Bar on par with say, trying to do calligraphy on a tossing ship deck on a wobbly table. Kinda.

Luckily, it was a one time deal. One sneeze. (Thank God!) 

My stomach is still up and down, but that may be because I'm eating all the wrong food. And I'm at that point every law student would put themselves in right before any exam, the classic "why did I do this to myself" question. Everything is pretty much framed through a legal argument at this point. I'm concerned because my last MBE practice questions still coming out around the 50% mark. Not good.

And after all this is over, too many things are still crowding into the back of my skull. I need to get stuff done around the house. I have story I want to write. And most importantly, I still need to find a job. I hate being a burden to my supporters. I just want to get back to ...well, I guess what it all was before.

Zero hour approaches. I need to get that 5-hour energy drink tomorrow, just in case.

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