Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Notes from the Law Desert - Part 6

Notes from the Law Desert - Part 6
When you join one of the historically black fraternal organizations, the process is called "Crossing the Burning Sands." It's supposed to mean that your willingness to undertake this journey represents your commitment to the organization. The theoretical sand burns at your soul(s) and gets you thinking about your life choices. Unless you're my law school classmate who went out to $2 Tuesdays after his first day of the exam. He might have tiptoed across the sand. 

How it feels to get ready...

My RP was right, since the MBE answers include a through explanation of why the right answers are right and the wrong answers are wrong, doing them IS studying. Why didn't I see this before?

My stack of flash cards has to be over a thousand cards. I'm starting to recognize some of them. I've pared down the reading to the streamlined review and the MBE questions and answers. Thursday I think will essay brush up day. Get my format down and all.

As of late my stomach is not cooperating and I'm also having trouble sleeping. I'll climb into bed, close my eyes and two hours later I'm still awake, just lying there. I'll get up and do some flash cards, but it's still middle of the night staring at the walls.  

Which raises the concern that I won't wake up on time on test day, next Tuesday. If I'm not asleep by 2am the day of the test, and I'm going to bed at 9 or 10pm...then I'm just not going to sleep. Me and 5 hour energy drink, like for real. All this work? The prospect of simply oversleeping is devastating.  

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