Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some other things I meant to comment on

Ramblings Post #186
Sometimes you get busy. It happens. You don't see it coming, but you turn around and you've got three papers, two outlines and you still have to figure what you're going to do with life all while you realize wings and fries are NOT going to help. Think SALAD. It happens. All you can do is stop, take a deep breath, and keep it moving.

Peyton Manning

I'm not a Peyton Manning fan. But as a football fan I have to admit that even at 80%, even at his advanced age, Peyton Manning is better than 95% of the quarterbacks in the NFL right now. Honestly, when he said he was going to be available, I hoped Jerry would pull out his checkbook and put a star on his helmet for next season. Yes, forget what you heard, I like Romo but Manning is the TRUTH.

That said, I think Tebow needs to stay put. For the record, I'm definitely not a Tebow fan [for reasons involving him being a horrible but incredibly lucky QB, not anything else] but as a soon be professional counselor, my not quite yet professional advice: Take a salary cut, play for free if necessary, but don't let the Broncos ship you out. You have a chance to learn from a master of the game, and he's gonna be there three years at best. Then it will be your time again. And then you will be better.

Or go to Jacksonville where they may rename the stadium after you. Yes, they're that desperate.

Conservative Strategies

My conservative friend posted something the other day on FB, commenting that as we condemn Rush, the conservatives can find just as many failings in Bill Maher. The argument struck me as wrong on its face, and I wondered why. My friend of course added a link to a video that spelled it out, and after watching it I realized that whoever designed conservative tactics is an absolute genius. With the Contraception Kerfuffle, they somehow made the whole thing about religion when it wasn't, and now they're making the Rush argument into statements about women in general, as opposed to the personalized attack actually perpetrated.

Let's be clear here. Did Maher refer to several conservative women by derogatory terms? Yes. Was it right? No. Should he be classified in the same category? Let's look at the situation. Maher verbally attacked/insulted a public figure, someone who voluntarily placed themselves in the public eye, with the occasional slur. Just that one person. Limbaugh verbally attacked a private citizen who simply spoke before her elected officials on an issue that personally concerned her. Are we now not allowed to speak to government for fear of ridicule? The targets aren't even comparable - Palin and Bachman command their own audiences and followers, where as Limbaugh's victim might have had a blog and a twitter account. She had no real way to respond. And he maintained his use of that particular slur not in one instance, but continuous rant for several hours. Over several days. And really, it was not just one person, but an slur that inferred its use to most of the women in the US [all women who used birth control]. That he was factually wrong in a number of assertions made during this claim is a whole different discussion.

While both on the wrong side of the issue, the two are hardly comparable.


Does this mean the "old and dusty" Ipad2's are on sale? Or should I just be satisfied dreaming about the Kindle fire that I can't afford either? I'm just asking.

Trayvon Martin

The more I read about this case, the more I wonder what's really going on in Florida. I don't have all the details, but the this use of the state's Stand Your Ground law, a well intentioned sentiment, is uniquely bad. Apparently under this Florida law, you have no duty to retreat in the face of danger. However, having called the police and being told to retreat, Zimmerman decided to follow the young man. If you approach and engage danger, doesn't this negate the self defense element needed for the Stand Your Ground law?

Or has Florida become a live action version of South Park, where you need only yell "He's coming right at us!" to have the right to blast away? Oh wait, even South Park doesn't allow that any more.

March Madness

For the first time in years, I don't have a bracket to follow. Despite the idea, one I espoused to my brother after my MPRE experience, that only takes five minutes to make one, I didn't. Priorities. That said, I think I would have had a chance this year since I understand that apparently every bracket in the country is busted. Or close to it. But then considering I didn't watch first weekend of games...studying on Thursday and Friday, bewildered on Saturday, back to studying for everything else on Sunday. So there will be no bracket updates this year.

But then I don't really follow college basketball. The teams change way too much. But then I don't really follow pro basketball either now. Too many games for me to keep up with right now.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure I missed something. But I got a paper to write. Wait, two papers. Make that....

Barkeep. You have and all night buffet, right?

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