Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got it in One

Mental Rehab Post #38
Law School's first semester is closing out in stages. First the study guide class, then the writing and research class and then the "substantive" classes. Looking at the whole thing, I'm curious as the reasoning and rationale of the order. I like to believe it's a time honored traditon that has planted the seeds of legal genius, and not simply because these are the professors available. I guess I need to become a legal genius to find out.

The more I see of law school, the more I realize it's all just a trick. One big weird puzzle that to join the secret society, you have to be able to relax your mind and see the pattern in the madness. Or it's just really really hard.

I finished my two legal memos, realizing as I devoted six days to the project - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a little part of Monday for polish and printing - there were a lot of obvious clues that the system put in my path that my previously untrained eye had missed. The professors were correct in that the previous methods we had used to prepare ourselves for educational input would be for the most part useless in the study of the law. Oh how I wish they weren't.

Now I got two finals in two weeks. The first promises to be a education in creativty, as the first prof - in looking at his previous exams - is a man who really likes his work. Previous exams have included issues set against Elizabethean drama, while others have intergrated in The Three Stooges and Buck Rogers. Sadly in reading those previous exams, once you get past the drivel and his odd sense of humor, he actually knows the issues he's talking about too, so the idea is not to get distracted.

The other guy promised open book and open notes for his test. Which scares the bejeesus out of me. My classmates don't seem to realize...THIS MEANS HE CAN ASK US ANYTHING!!! I for one would like to admit now: this ain't gonna be pretty.

But between now and then, I got Thanksgiving. Which I'm planning to try and spend home with the family. Which means a drive down to South Carolina and back in 48 hours so I can spend the weekend handcuffed to a book, because my light in the ass backup is now claiming he won't be able to fill in for me on the day of the final...and I'll have to go to work and then go take a comprehensive test that is the only grade I get for the semester.

Oh joy.

Well. Here goes nothing. Really...nothing.

Barkeep. Set'em up 'cause I got to get it. We'll start...with the Rum.

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