Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Art from the Black Hand Side

Ramblings Post #325
Sometimes there are things I like because, well I like them. I don't know why I just do. Like maps. And floor plans. When I was younger I wanted to be an architect because it involved floor plans. Until I realized you didn't just get to look at them, you had to make them. Um, right. You see I'm not an architect now, right?   

By Marcus Williams aka Marcus the Visual
When I was looking to buy that other house, and happier times had plans for the bar/club setup in the basement, hot tub on the back deck and out door setup for neighborhood move screenings (AKA the long, long ago), part of the whole thing was an art gallery. Prints from local Atlanta artists hanging on the wall kinda stuff. And prints I would buy online. And maps blown up for detail. And floor plans. And...I'm getting off track here.

Art can tell stories.I judge a comic or graphic novel on how good or intriguing the art is. Bad art can destroy the illusion. But those people I like? Damn. And I like this guy. 

By Marcus Williams aka Marcus the Visual
These are for an online drawing challenge where the artist is supposed to flip the gender of the character. I looked at a few them and I think he's the best of the group that participated. That I just really like his drawing style.

By Marcus Williams aka Marcus the Visual
Either that or I just appreciated that the characters he chose were black. But hey, we like what we like. Should I ever finish one of these damn stories I'm writing, and it comes down to it, I might even have to look into a commission. This is good stuff. So good I had to drop back by.

By Marcus Williams aka Marcus the Visual
Barkeep. Let me have something mellow, with just a twist of spark to it. Or bourbon. You know what, I'll just have the bourbon with soda. Thanks.

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