Friday, October 24, 2014

Bar Chatter

Bar chatter #31
Sometimes it ain't enough to equal a whole post, but still needs to be said.... it's bar chatter.

Good Old Sportscenter in it's prime
Sportscenter. Although Fox Sports 1 is a valiant effort, much like the NFL it covers, ESPN is pretty much a natural monopoly. I can watch the same Sportscenter three times in a row, and most fans I know can do the same thing. But I don't like the new set. Just don't. I realize it's designed to make the reporting "more consumable" but, um, no.

The new "improved" Sportscenter - meh.
The old Sportscenter set felt comfortable, intimate, like they were reporting to you. The reporters in close proximity give it a cozy sensation. By contrast, the new Sportscenter set feels like, like the owner of Channel 43¼ is trying to prove that he owns a real TV station. It gives the impression they're announcing from a barn. The new set is too big, to flashy and is just trying way too hard.

There, I've said my piece. Do as you will. Play on.

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