Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Photography as a idea

Ramblings Post #262
One thing about life is that it does not wait for you. Despite your plans and preparations not quite coming together at the right moment, there is no slow motion, their is no pause, life does not delay for even a second. It comes. And so you deal with it. And sometimes in the aftermath you have to ease back into what you were doing from before. I just went to a funeral, man. I'm thinking I'll need another post before I start getting silly again.

I remember looking at this particular house when I was still looking to buy something, standing in the
middle of the living room already trying to figure out how much the frames would cost if I got them all from IKEA and if I should go with a single row or a double row. I had gotten a photo printer for free from the old gig, had a fairly decent digital camera, and was planning to have what amounted to a private permanent collection adorning my walls. Maybe even a couple of large prints near the corners to break it all up. Get me a comfy upholstered bench and put in the middle, and when you came in I would have turned on some smooth jazz, shown you into the "gallery" and talked about my "process."
This the actual room. I took this picture while house hunting. Small room in back is dining room. Some paint, baseboard work, tile work in bathroom, finishing the basement, curtains etc. Still, it was a damn fine house.
I did not buy that house, and honestly, I regret it. Not just because of the picture thing, but because the house I did buy I did not intend to live in this long. Note: Buy a house to live in, not to sell. But that's a whole other point. All these years later, through all those things that tend to change mens minds, like age and maturity, the idea of photography as a hobby still eats at me. When I use the online floor plan designers to build my future home, I always build out from a art or photo gallery. It also usually has a huge library and full working bar, but those are other issues. Well maybe not issues, let's call them peculiarities.   

I like photos, or rather images. I have art hanging on my walls direct from the artist. I dabble a bit in Photoshop, not on par with the masters but I can do the basics : clean up images, adjust the colors, etc. And although Sporty had a thing about no cameras until she left Georgia, I imagine a portrait of her (and a few other notable folks in my life ) that I would like to arrange and shoot. One of the stories I envisioned was her getting a private photo-shoot at the Palais Garnier. Is it wrong to want the kind of artistic portraits that seemed to be reserved for rockstars for the people I know?

I've got a lot of things I have to do to start "living the dream." But tucked back in there somewhere is a very nice camera, a lot of picture frames and images that will speak to me in later times.

Barkeep, I'll need a nice tall whiskey and soda. No, the house whiskey is fine.  

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