Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let Me Catch Up Right Quick...

Ramblings Post #252
I been busy, trying to get done what I shoulda had oughta been finished. But that's not important right now. Or rather it is MOST important, because it has pretty much consumed me for the past few days. But I'm not made of stone, so let's do a quick update...


I'm getting a little long in the tooth to be going out. I know this because I went to a friend's birthday party on Friday night at this little spot in Buckhead and got the odd looks from the doorman. Maybe it's the grey hair. For some reason our party sat under the speaker, so conversation was dicey. And the service was less than stellar, as at one point I opined that the waitress must have had to go to Lenox Mall to get our drinks. And although attractive, at times, the crowd was a little 'young.' And once the bottle hit our table people just started showing up...but since I didn't buy the bottle I was just curious as to random folks dropping by and helping themselves. And the spot didn't start jumping until around 12:30pm...half an hour before I left.


Although at the house party I had the pleasure to attend my icebreaker was "Have you accepted Peyton Manning as your football savior?", I happen to actually own a very old Seattle Seahawks T-shirt, so I guess that was my team. That and the very vocal Seahawks fan I was sitting next to kept breaking down every play for me, so I was kinda sucked in. Although I didn't see most of the second half because after the kickoff return I decided it was time to just socialize. It was nice little outing if I must say so. And since it will be my last one until the end of the month I need to savor it.


No, I haven't got the PS4 yet, and wouldn't matter because I don't have the time to play. Okay, I don't have the money right now either, but that's not the point. I turned the PS3 off the other day because I just realized it's been on for almost a month now and I haven't used it. I did check to see what the PS+ crew had up for grabs this month and got a game before they started charging for it again. As far as it bang for your buck you can't beat that PlayStation Plus. But it really doesn't help me now because I already have three games from before I had only barely started before my "project" took over, and we're not starting anything new until this is ova. So, maybe next month little PS. Next month I swear.

My Eating...

Once I was a dedicated follower, indulging sparingly in the sweets. An age passed, and I veered back and forth between what I knew as good and the fried tasty. Then I became a homebody and so eating out became my reason to leave the house...which leads us to today and that sweater that was way too tight. I baked the chicken, cut back the red meat and caught the shrimp on sale. Wheat bread, skim milk.  I have grapes, oranges and watermelon, and just two snacks in the house. And them frozen pizzas. And the bacon in the freezer. I want some ice cream, is that wrong?


My shows are back! House of Lies, Episodes, and Shameless. And Archer has moved to Mondays so I don't forget it. And I just realized I don't watch a whole lot of television after that. Wow.  

And now, back to the salt mines. And just you know, If it don't stop messing with me, I'm gonna take this reality by the reins and impose my order it. So if everything suddenly starts coming with a side of bacon, you'll know why.

Barkeep. A tall coffee. Extra black. I'm not supposed to enjoy it.

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