Monday, October 7, 2013

And Yet So Far.....

Ramblings Post #241 
When people ask why sports are celebrated, athletes revered, one has to realize who they are in the larger sense. Athletes allow us to feel success, as part of a team, a larger group, that might elude us in other parts of lives. You might not have the greatest job, or enjoy the best things in life, but YOUR team won! We tend to embrace victory as ours, and make the losses less personal. Or at least we try to.

He had a near record 500 plus yard night, scrambling early and making plays when needed. He racks up five touchdowns on the way to leading his team to a 48-point game. He arguably outduels one of the best in the game for fifty eight minutes. 

And that all goes away, all will be completely forgotten, due to an interception on his own half of the field in those last two minutes.

With the game tied, my only mental request was that Tony Romo NOT make a mistake. Take the sack. Throw it away. Scramble for the sidelines. Just don't give them the ball back right here, in this spot. He'd had a fine day, his team playing this years already anointed Super Bowl victor and gridiron wreaking ball the Denver Broncos to the their tightest game of the season. Where others are blown away, Dallas had hung in there scrapping for every inch of turf. They'd exposed the Broncos suspect secondary. The 'Boys had even managed to pick off a pass from the formerly perfect on the season Peyton.  In a season chock full of close games, this was the first time it had been necessary for the older Manning brother to play to tie the score with the end of the game looming.

Two more minutes!

I said out loud to my TV, as though they could hear it in Dallas, "All I need is for Tony to not throw and interception. Don't force it. Somebody remind him that we can go to overtime."


Later I had me a drink of the good bourbon I keep in my pantry for solace. With a few cubes of ice.  So close but yet so far. It's like...I can't even put it into words.

And they'll scream that Romo is a bum for the next three years behind this. The commentary already makes it sound like Dallas got stomped into the turf and Romo is responsible for not playing defense  good enough. MOST quarterbacks who'd scored that much would be celebrated.

Barkeep. Some chips, I already have my drink.

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