Thursday, March 14, 2013

And then....the Pope

Ramblings Post #218
There was a time when many years passed and you never questioned who he was or what he stood for. He stood there, his signature hat, as a force of nature. And then, as though the world changed he was gone. And since things haven't been the same. You hope and pray, that the next man to fill his shoes will be the answer, and sooth your troubled brow. Um, I'm talking about Cowboys football coaches, and the man in the hat is Tom Landry. What did you think I was talking about?

The Old Pope was eighty five and had to call it quits. So the idea would have been to bring in fresh blood, somebody with staying know, the way they put fifty-year olds on the Supreme Court and before you know it thirty years have passed! But then we've ended up with current justices "who've been on the bench too long" using arguments and logic the justices of  the racially charged 1960's rejected for stupidity to rationalize how the court should rule today. So maybe that's not the best system either, but I digress.

Now I'm not Catholic, I don't think. I might be Mormon, what with the substitute baptisms and all but I'll have to check. But even as a non-Catholic I understand the importance and respect the Holy See.

Maybe its because I grew up with John Paul, who seemed a cool kinda Pope.

Still, I didn't wait with baited breath for the election. There was no particular cardinal I was rooting for, although a black Pope would have been funny. Come on, you know it would have been funny. I did however expect the conclave to reach a decision a little closer to the end of the period than the beginning. And while I wasn't looking for them to elect a twenty five year old Pope (technically any Catholic Male is eligible), I was thinking early sixties for longevity's sake.

The new Pope is seventy six. Which is nine years younger than the guy who just stepped down due to age.

One almost had to ask, since apparently he was runner up the last time a Pope was chosen, if it was "it was his turn" situation. Or was last time "his turn", and things happened? Papal politics are beyond me, not my business so to speak, but with a casual glance it seems as if something else is going on here. I did a quick read on him last night, checked a few other things and don't get me wrong he's a good guy, but his election just has the appearance of something amiss. It's not him, it's the process. And considering that he is also has the health concerns (one lung), in ten years will we have two living former Popes?

In any case, long live the Pope.

Barkeep, a fish sandwich and some Merlot. What? Fishes and loves, red's symbolic!

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