Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One more step

Ramblings Post #189
Sometimes its the nervous that makes it all go smooth. Because you're nervous, you check things again just make sure. Because you're nervous, you go over it in your head one more time. Because you're nervous, you begin to act out the movements, go through the motions repeatedly, even though you've got them down cold. And then you sometimes, you just have to smile and say whatever, let's just do this.

I had a pretty down cycle weekend. A lot of paperwork for a project that every time I looked at it, seemed to grow in size. Articles of Incorporation? Simple. Bylaws? A little more comprehensive. Prospective Resolutions? Since the data wasn't there I had to make a lot of assumptions, which meant covering possibilities I hadn't even thought of when I started typing.

Then today, I notice that my MPRE score popped up in my email. The MPRE is the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, an ethics test you have to pass to even have your application be considered for taking the bar.  It was literally something I hadn't even thought about in two weeks. I resolved to open it when I got home from my night class, with a drink in my hand.  It was one of those tests where you walk out going "what the hell was that?"

So, on break during my night class I went ahead and looked.

Bing! Passed it. With a fairly good score too...not just scraping by.   

One more hurdle down.

Barkeep. Drinks all around. And by drinks I mean water. I'm not rolling yet!

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