Friday, January 13, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole

Ramblings Post #178
I just realized I didn't post my annual rant about the amount of time between when the law school exams are completed, and when the law school grades are posted. Because a great deal of law school tests are essays, it's completely understandable that a little more time is needed for proper evaluation. What's odd is that for some reason grades come out the day AFTER late registration ends, which means you're on faith each and every time. What's even more odd, I just noticed that last part.

This semester started off with a round robin of "starting the last semester of law school" from all my law school FB friends. I was surprised by the number of them, but not surprised by the level of confidence. Law school seems to breed confidence, even in those whom its not normally displayed.

This is a front.

Having confirmed with the registrar (again) that my version is their version, which means provided all my grades are passing from last semester, and all my grades are passing from this semester, it looks like I will graduate in May. I say this provisionally, which as I understand from the registrar with whom I used air quotes every time I said graduate, based upon my expectations of grades.

Thinking like a lawyer already. Will I graduate this spring? It depends.

Lawyers are by in large cautious people. We're taught to be. For example, I started classes this week and of the four classes I'm taking at least two professors led the first day orientation five minute cold start with the reminder that if we make a mistake, we could get sued for malpractice. And maybe lose your law license. This is a repeat from 85% of the classes I've taken since I started, where if they didn't open with it, it certainly came up shortly thereafter. In a sense it keeps you looking for the "alligator in the swamp" so to speak.

I don't anticipate any issues. Okay I do anticipate an issue or two, but that is the nature of the game. We shall see as they say.

Barkeep. Water. In a tall glass. I need to keep my nerves.

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