Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The boy was goot....real real goot...

Patrice O'Neal..

This is starting to get a little maudlin with all these "I see you just passed on tributes, let me say a few words" type posts...

But Patrice O'Neal was sneaky funny. He deserves a few words. He was character just standing there, funny in a not telling jokes kinda way but funny just talking around kinda way. One could imagine if he was a friend of yours he'd have been the fun guy, the guy who just cracked on people because the room had gotten too quiet. But he'd also be the guy you call at 3am if you were broken down on the side of the road and were too broke to call a tow truck. He just seemed like that kinda guy.

He popped up all over, an appearance here, an appearance there, but never really seemed to get his big shot. Not even a Robin Harris style shot. Watching his standup you wonder what they were waiting for, because he had the potential to be scary funny. I liked him and remember watching something a little longer than I meant to because he was on.

Worse, I only found out today that he was younger than me. Which is like...what?

He wasn't legendary. But he should have been.

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